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Brooke's Rainbow Pack

In memory of those who met Brooke at the "Rainbow Bridge"

From the H Family: Hi-I wanted to let you know Sandy aka Stud Muffin crossed the rainbow bridge last Thursday. He was diagnosed with anal gland carcinoma 2 years ago. He went through surgery, radiation and continued to take chemo the past 2 years. He had a great and full last 2 years until recently we think it metastasized into his spine/bones. We are heartbroken to say goodbye to him but are thankful for the past 11 years. Thankful for you all to make it possible for him to be a part of our family ❤️
The time has come to say goodbye. The lessons she taught...the lives she touched...

Sweet Hansa Rose, who came as Rena and became Dogi while fulfilling her rescue name.
From near death to saving lives! 

Terrible abuse and being used as a bait dog created her trauma and have led to her shorter life, but she will be remembered for her happiness, love, and joy to be with people. We will never know exactly what happened before she came to us and for how long as we were unsure of her age due to the extensive damage. 

Today one of our volunteers received the message, along with this photo, that she has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. The damage from her abuse before she came to us caught up with her. She lived, loved, and actually became a service dog where she is attributed to saving her “mom”. 

She has her own album in our photos if you want to see more of her journey. 

You were loved beautiful girl!
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