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Interested in adopting?

Our animals are happy, healthy and content now in their foster homes but that is not their forever home. They don’t NEED just any home, they are looking for their forever families. They are not living in cages, kennels, or runs with no human love or interaction. They are learning and growing while finding a family to truly love them forever. Adoptions to us are not about the quantity, it is about the quality of ensuring we do our best to ensure our adopters meet our standards for a forever home for the pets.

To answer some questions…

Yes, you need to complete an application first!

Yes, you need to answer all the questions.

Yes, they are personal!

Yes, we check home ownership and talk to home owners if you rent.

Yes, we call your vet.

Yes, your current and past pets must have been up to date and on heartworm preventative!

Yes, that means your vet has to have approved the medical plan you are on with your animals. There are mandates for vaccines that we must follow as a rescue.

Yes, we check references.

Yes, this means you have to list people who know you as a person and can speak to your character.

Yes, we check the DNA: do not adopt list (and yes this exists).

Yes, we do all this as volunteers!

Yes, we will ignore an incomplete application or one that gives answers such as “none of your business” or “this is personal” or “I am writing something here but refuse to answer”.

Yes, you have to meet with us and the pet to adopt (No, we don’t “ship”).

Yes, that means you have to come in person to Lee or Collier County depending on where the dog/cat is fostered.

Yes, this means YOU have to come and cannot send a friend, family member, or someone who knows you to have them ship you the animal.

Yes, we want it to be a good fit for you but it’s also about a good fit for the animal!

Yes, there may be more than one family interested and in the application process for the pet.

Yes, we really mean it that we won’t hold a pet for you until you are ready.

Yes, the shelters are over full and begging daily for rescues like us to pull more.

Yes, we are all foster homes and limited in space to our approved foster homes.

Yes, we need more volunteers for events!

Yes, you can volunteer and get to know us and become a dedicated volunteer and then become a foster.

Yes, that means we do not do foster to adopt and once you are an active volunteer, we can look at foster opportunities.

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