Adoptable Dogs



Jerry is a young adult neutered male. He is a handsome boy looking for a family that understands he may be shy at first! 

 His  adoption contribution is $200




Krissy is an adult spayed female mix. She is a sweet, loving girl looking for a forever family of her own! She came to us as a "momma" and she ready to not have to take care of anyone but herself and love her human family!

 Her adoption contribution is $200




Braxton is an adult neutered male mix  who is about 10-15lbs. He may look familiar as he was a camp dog this summer who was adopted and has found his way back to us. He is a great dog who loves people and is fine with other animals, but doesn't really have interest in playing with them. He loves learning new tasks that earn him snacks as food is his favorite! He came back to us as he was having seizure type behavior. That is now under control with medication and he is eager to find a forever home that will love and understand him. His adoption contribution is $250




Viva is an adult spayed female mix. She is a sweet girl looking for family to love. She is medium sized girl that is done taking care of her pups and ready to settle into her own home and know true forever love! Her adoption contribution is $200




This is Collin. Collin is a young adult male who is currently having a kinda ruff time. What's the problem, you ask? Collin has a classic case of little man syndrome, and can't keep his hands to himself. He was a stray pick-up and we know nothing about his past, but based on how he reacts to bigger dogs he probably got beat up on once or twice. He's got the battle scars to support this theory, notice the chip in his ear. He's not a huge fan of puppies, but he'll tolerate them. Until they get bigger than him. He was found wandering around with his current girlfriend. They were picked up/rescued together, but they are literally the most toxic couple and definitely need to breakup. Think Harley Quinn and the Joker, but dogs. Honestly, he'd be happiest as an only fur-child.

We don't know how long he lived life on the streets, but he does like humans. When he can keep himself under control he's pretty chill, plops down beside you on the couch, sniffs your hair, asks for belly rubs … you know, harmless creeper stuff. He enjoyed working with kids and teens for a program called Pawsitive Kids Camp. Well, the teens mostly … the youngsters were a bit much for him … especially the ones that moved really fast. But we don't hold that against him, we sometimes get freaked out when they move too fast, too. So, Collin prefers a non-small child house.

Colin looks like he might be part miniature pinscher, except he has brindle coloring … actually, he looks more like a toy hyena than anything (like a toy poodle, but more interesting). Come to think of it, he smiles like a hyena, too … it's only mildly unnerving. He has pretty nice teeth though.

We almost forgot, he doesn't have a tail. We're not sure if he was born that way or if it was a human decision, but there's no tail. There's barely a nub.

He's an unusual dog, but he's got some good qualities, too. He's super smart, learns fast, very motivated to learn, and super loyal (once he's attached to you there's no getting rid of him).

Think this little guy is the right kind of pup for you or someone you know?  His adoption contribution is $250




Kane is a young neutered male Doberman. He is a sweet boy who is gonna be a big dog! He is about 4 months old and working on his puppy manners.  His adoption contribution is $450




Lowie is young adult neutered male mix. He looks like a Frenchie and Boston mix. He loves life and being around people and other dogs. He is working on his doggie manners and hoping to settle into a true forever home of his own. 

  His adoption contribution is $450