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We know Bella is at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for her forever family--with Brooke by her side! Here is the message they sent us: We adopted Bella 8 years ago, she had to be put down on Tuesday due to injuries from what we think was a large animal.

8 years ago, on January 26, 2009, I drove from Tampa to Naples to rescue a 2 year old basset hound named King Charles from Brooke's Legacy. I initially planned on adopting his sister, Queen Elizabeth, but luckily another family got there first. So I put Charlie in the front seat of my little yellow sports car and we drove the 4 hours home where he became my constant companion. We worked through anxiety and abandonment issues. We struggled with house breaking, and struggled with it again every time we moved. We dealt with jealousy, as I quickly belonged to him and was not allowed to have a boyfriend. He had the biggest personality and won everybody over with one sad, goofy look. He demanded his food be a brand and flavor he liked, fought harder than imaginable when taking medication (crushed and mixed in warm baby food was the only way he would take it...and even that was an argument), and only ate jerky for treats. Biscuits and cookies were not up to his standards. 
A year ago Charlie developed a sore on his abdomen that turned out to be an ulcerated mass caused by hemangiosarcoma. It was not a diagnosis anyone wants to hear. I had the vet surgically remove the mass and hoped for the best. The odds were not in his favor, but if it did not reappear within 3 months, he would be in the clear. And he beat the odds. He spent 2016 being pampered and spoiled even more than before (hard to believe that was even possible). And the vets were impressed with how healthy he was for a 10 year old basset who survived cancer. Unfortunately, last night the cancer caught up to him again. This time the mass was in his abdomen and had ruptured before anyone knew it was there, causing internal bleeding. After 8 years, I said goodbye to my best friend. He was an amazing dog and I thank Brooke's Legacy for the work you do and bringing people like me dogs like Charlie.
Thank you

In very late May, 2008 my husband and I came to look at a dog we saw online. We had the chance to meet many dogs that day and chose Cherry Blossom. We immediately changed her name to Winks as she was no bigger than a tiddly wink. She was 2-1/2 years old and weighed 4.9 pounds. With much love, she came up to her proper weight of 8.5 pounds in a few months. 
She very quickly became the love of our lives, and we hers. Our adult children loved her the minute they met her. Our friends and neighbors adored her. The 2 women that watched and stayed with her when we left for the day or overnight thought she was the best dog ever.
After 9 short years with her, at the age of 11-1/2, she recently succumbed to lymphoma; only 3 weeks after diagnosis.
Thank you so much for taking her in and allowing us the opportunity to have the best pet experience of our lives.

The G Family

Lincoln has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. An update from the family that adopted him: we adopted Lincoln, a terrier/ poodle mix from you in 2006 when our boys were just 4 and 2. They are now 11 and 13. He was part of our family for the last nine years, and passed away from a fast acting brain tumor in February at the approximate age of 11-12 years old. He was always a very spunky dog, acting and playing much like a puppy until almost the end. At about fourteen pounds, he would keep our 75 pound Goldendoodle on his toes! I wanted to thank you for what you do and hope that when we are ready we can rescue another dog from you. Here he is a few weeks before he passed away.

Rubble came into my life in December 2015 as my new foster dog. I remember seeing him thinking 'what a weird dog'. Needless to say it only took a little while for me to fall in love with him, he was well mannered and loved life and everyone. 
When I started fostering kittens, he voluntarily took on the task of being their foster 'Mom', he cleaned faces and 'butts' when they were too little to do it themselves or just because he thought it was needed. Needless to say that all the kittens we fostered together, from Shy, Hissy and Spirit to the Purrr and Fire theme family, they all loved him very much.
Rubble loved being at Petco and helping the volunteers when new cats arrived to determine whether they were ok with a dog (or not). 
He joined the Susan G Komen 5k twice and easily made it to the finish, always in the lead.
In 2016 he was at the Collier County Fair and joined in several events with the rescue. 
Finally in August 2016 I had the opportunity to adopt this handsome old boy and that was one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far.
After Rubble walked proudly in the Christmas parade, enjoyed being the Rescues ambassador and simply enjoyed life.
In his neighborhood everyone knew him and he proudly walked 2-4 miles a day, in the evening most of the time together with his best buddy Niko.
He was a watch dog and protector of his Mom and loved it when we would go for a car ride. Sometimes friends were not allowed to leave without giving him a ride first.
He will be missed by all the people that were privileged to have known him.


We had to say goodbye to our beautiful girl today. She was taken way too soon by a horrible neurological disease and we are taking comfort in knowing that she is no longer in any pain.
The T Family


BLAR Name: Bonnie Belle

From the family: We wanted to let you know that our baby, Bell, has gone to the bridge. You may remember her 2nd picture (right) when she came to us as Bonnie Belle. We want to thank you for Bell. She was my constant companion. She was a silly and protective girl. We miss her so much. It has pretty much devastated me. Bell had an inoperable jaw tumor. She never did like being scratched under the chin. The vet felt it could have been a birth defect. it was a fast growing tumor that burst and she was gone in two weeks. I can't say enough for the joy she brought us. Thank you for your rescue of her. 

In Memory of those who Met Brooke at The Rainbow Bridge