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 adult Spayed female Mix


Contessa is an adult spayed female mix. This is a happy girl who is learning puppy manners while her hair grows back in her forever home. She came to us after being severally matted and needing some skin TLC! She has proven that doesn’t stop her from sharing love to all the people she meets. Her adoption contribution is $225


young adult Spayed female mix

Purdy is a young, adult spayed female. Purdy is a smart, affectionate and loyal dog. She loves to play with her foster brother but is overly curious about the cat. She is learning how to sit and lay down. Purdy loves to lay outside and roll in the grass. She is quick to run and retrieve a ball while playing outside. She also loves to take items of her foster family from around the house and put them into piles. This interesting characteristic about Purdy makes her unique and special. She is hoping to find her forever family so she can cuddle on the couch and shower them with affection. Her adoption contribution is $200


 young spayed female Mix


Amelia is a young spayed female mix. She came to us with having the shelter remove a collar that was embedded in her neck. Her wound is healing beautifully and she is ready for a place to call her own and know she is safe. Her adoption contribution is $275


young spayed female 

Savage is a young spayed female mix. She is a little girl with lots of love to share. She is curious and excited to be learning puppy manners. She is ready for a forever home that will continue teaching her how to be the best she can be!  Her adoption contribution is $300


Young spayed female Mix

Moana is a young spayed female mix. She is a sweet girl who can’t wait to grow up with a family to call her own.  Her adoption contribution is $300


young spayed female 

Tessa is a young spayed female mix. She looks a lot like her momma, Tara. She has a sweet disposition and is full of love to share. Her adoption contribution is $300


young adult Spayed female mix

Adelaide is a young adult spayed female mix. This gorgeous girl is happy to learn what safe, true, forever love is! Do you have room in your home for her?  Her adoption contribution is $200


 young adult spayed female Mix


Kera is a young adult spayed female mix. She is a beautiful girl who loves to be with people! She is so happy to be safe and healthy. Her biggest dream is a family of her own.  Her adoption contribution is $250


 young neutered male mix

Salman is a young neutered male mix. This sweet guy is learning to trust life and seek forever love. Don't miss your opportunity to add this guy to your family. His adoption contribution is $200

Sunburst Coco

Adult spayed female Mix

Sunburst Coco is a spayed adult female mix. She has an adorable bob tail and gorgeous grey coloring with orange bursts showing throughout. She is a large dog, about 65lbs, and as sweet as can be! She loves to play with other dogs and be with people! Her adoption contribution is $225

Belle Michelle

young Spayed female Mix

Belle Michelle is a young spayed female puppy. She is still young and ready to keep learning her puppy manners! She is a little shy when you first meet her, but once she settles in, she is a loyal family dog. She loves to be with other dogs. Food and toys motivate her to keep learning and trust that life is now safe.  Her adoption contribution is $200


young spayed female  mix

Clover is a young adult spayed female mix. This girl may only have three legs, but that doesn't slow her down from spreading love and happiness. Don't miss out on adding this gorgeous girl to your family. Her contribution is $250

Thankful Tara

Young adult spayed female 

Thankful Tara is a young adult spayed female mix. She is a gorgeous girl with a curious spirit. She is small (about 20lbs) and full of love to give. She is working on her doggie manners in her foster home. She can't wait to call a home hers forever.  Her adoption contribution is $250


Young male mix 

Titan is a young neutered male mix. This guy is tiny and ready for a forever home to show his big spirit!w His adoption contribution is $300

Babe "Ruthie"

Young female mix

Babe "Ruthie" is a spayed young adult female mix. This sweet girl was found on a baseball field and thus received her name! She is a petitie girl weighing on 24lbs. She is happy-go-lucky and ready to hit a home run into your heart! Her adoption contribution is $275.

Silly Sunshine

​​young spayed female mix

Silly Sunshine is a young spayed female mix. She is long and lower to the ground. She is currently about 19lbs, but still has some growing to do! Do you have some room in your life for fun and happiness? This is your girl! Her  adoption contribution is $275


young Adult spayed female 

Madison is a young adult spayed female mix. She has the most gorgeous coloring and sweet demeanor! Her adoption contribution is $275


young neutered male 

Terminator is a young neutered male mix. This little guy is full of spunk and love to share with all he meets! Don't let his name fool you!  His adoption contribution is $300.

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young neutered male Mix

Maui is a young neutered male mix. This guy is shy but ready to grow and trust a family to call his own. His adoption contribution is $300


young spayed female mix


Tuff is a young spayed female mix. She’s a little camera shy but can’t wait to show her true spirit to her forever family. Her adoption contribution is $300