Saturday July 22

​​​Petco Naples 11-3

Cape Coral Pet Supermarket 12-3


Volunteers and Foster homes always needed!  Join us and be a part of the solution to pet overpopulation.



PO BOX 990255

Naples, FL 34116


Banana Joey

young NEUTERED male Mix

Banana Joey is a young neutered male mix puppy. He is a sweet little guy with a blonde coat and some freckles. He will be attending Pawsitive Kids Camp and then is hopeful to find forever love.  His adoption contribution is $300


 young neutered male Mix


Tag is a young neutered male mix. This is one of the happiest dogs you will ever meet! He is playful yet also loves training time to learn his puppy manners. He is excited to have been chosen for Pawsitive Kids Camp this week and hopes his forever family is ready to come meet him! His adoption contribution is $275


young adult Spayed female mix

Purdy is a young, adult spayed female. Purdy is a smart, affectionate and loyal dog. She loves to play with her foster brother but is overly curious about the cat. She is learning how to sit and lay down. Purdy loves to lay outside and roll in the grass. She is quick to run and retrieve a ball while playing outside. She also loves to take items of her foster family from around the house and put them into piles. This interesting characteristic about Purdy makes her unique and special. She is hoping to find her forever family so she can cuddle on the couch and shower them with affection. Her adoption contribution is $250

Jack Sparrow

 young neutered male Mix


Jack Sparrow is a young neutered male mix. This little man has the most gorgeous brindle coat with a black snout and white chest. He is eager to learn puppy manners and prove his little legs can keep up with the big dogs! His adoption contribution is $300


young adult neutered male 

Rowley is a young adult neutered male mix. He is about 40lbs. . This guy is quite a character and looking for the friendship of a forever family. He enjoys being with people and is trying to figure out all that life has gifted him with this second chance! He will be at Pawsitive Kids Camp this week and is hoping his forever family finds him for the adoption event!  His adoption contribution is $250

Black Raspberry

young spayed female 

Black Raspberry is a young spayed female mix. This tiny girl is ready to stretch her legs and her mind at Pawsitive Kids Camp and become even more adoptable! She is doing great with her puppy manners and knows that life is going to be "berry" great!  Her adoption contribution is $300


Young Male Mix

Lionel is a young neutered male mix. He is a little guy with a great beard! He is still learning his puppy manners and hopeful a forever home will fall in love with him and show what true family means. His adoption contribution is $275


young adult Spayed female mix

Adelaide is a young adult spayed female mix. This gorgeous girl is happy to learn what safe, true, forever love is! Don't mind the bandage on her arm, she was just spayed and anxious to get listed so she doesn't miss out! Do you have room in your home for her?  Her adoption contribution is $250

Charlie Brown

 young neutered male Mix


Charlie Brown is a young neutered male mix puppy. He has a chocolate coat. This guy is learning his puppy manners and ready to learn even more at Pawsitive Kids Camp! His adoption contribution is $300


 young neutered male mix

Salman is a young neutered male mix. This sweet guy is learning to trust life and seek forever love. Don't miss your opportunity to add this guy to your family. His adoption contribution is $225


Young NEUTERED male Mix

Travis is a young adult neutered male mix. This handsome guy came to us needing to be shaved down, so he's not so confident in photos but really does love life! He is ready to snuggle up with humans who will love him forever!  His adoption contribution is $300

Belle Michelle

young Spayed female Mix

Belle Michelle is a young spayed female puppy. She is still young and ready to keep learning her puppy manners! She is a little shy when you first meet her, but once she settles in, she is a loyal family dog. She loves to be with other dogs. Food and toys motivate her to keep learning and trust that life is now safe.  Her adoption contribution is $250

Fudge Swirl

young neutered male  mix

Fudge Swirl is a young neutered male mix puppy. He has a gorgeous coat with big and little spots throughout. He is excited about Pawsitive Kids Camp and finding his forever family. His adoption contribution is $300


adult neutered male 

Jack is an adult neutered male chihuahua. He is puzzled why he ended up in rescue but confident he will find his way to a forever home very soon! This little guy is ready to continue learning doggie manners and fall in love with you! His adoption contribution is $250

Oreo Sprinkles

Young female 

Oreo Sprinkles is a young spayed female mix. She is a curious girl with a lovable personality!  Don't miss your chance to adopt this great pup! She is at Pawsitive Kids Camp this week and ready for a forever match! Her adoption contribution is $300


adult male mix

Java is an adult neutered male mix. This little man is full of personality and wants to warm his way into a forever home with a cozy lap! His
adoption contribution is $250.

Coco Princess

young spayed female mix

Coco Princess is a young spayed female mix puppy. She is a curious girl who loves to learn her puppy manners. Her coat is a rich chocolate color. This happy girl is excited about attending Pawsitive Kids Camp to learn even more before she goes home to a forever family!
Her adoption contribution is $300

Black Cherry

young female Mix

Black Cherry is a young female mix. She has a lab look to her. This tiny girl may be the runt of her little, but she has a huge spirit that she can't wait to let shine through at Pawsitive Kids Camp next week. Her adoption contribution is $300

S'mores Sprinkles

young spayed female 

S'mores Sprinkles is a spayed female mix. She is a curious little girl with lots of love to share! She is sprinkled with freckles of love! She will be attending Pawsitive Kids Camp this week and looking forward to being adopted at the end of the week!  Her adoption contribution is $300

Caramel Sundae

adult spayed female 

Carmel Sundae is an adult spayed female. She is the Mom of the ice cream puppies and ready for a forever home of her own. She came to us beyond skinny and in need of lots of TLC! Her foster home made that happen! Her adoption contribution is $250.