Mystic Marci

young spayed female 

Mystic Marci is a young spayed DSH. She loves to play and is curious about life. Come meet her at Pet Supermarket Cape Coral during their open hours.  Her adoption contribution is $100

Spring-ahead Sadie

young spayed female 

Spring-ahead Sadie is a young spayed female adult. Look this face? Doesn't it say take me home? 
 Her adoption contribution is $85


young Neutered male 

Wyoming is a young neutered male orange Tabby. He has the softest orange coat. Look at this curious eyes wondering where is forever family is!  His adoption contribution is $100

Master Maverick

young Neutered male 

Master Maverick is a young neutered male DSH Tabby. This guy loves life and cannot wait to have a forever home of his own. Stop by Pet Supermarket Cape Coral to meet him! His adoption contribution is $100


young  Adult spayed female 

Montana is a young adult spayed female Dilute Calico. She loves to be loved! She follows her humans around and seeks belly rubs and time together with those who will give her their affection. Her adoption contribution is $100


young Spayed female 

Gill is a young spayed female DMH Tuxedo. She has a soft, beautiful coat that she loves to be pet. Look at this face! Her adoption contribution is $100


young spayed female 

Ashton is a young spayed female Tabby. Look at her soft coloring and sweet expression. She is calmly waiting to find out who will love her forever. Is it you? Her adoption contribution is $100

Magic Mabel

young spayed female 

Magic Mabel is a young spayed female DSH. She has a white stripe down her belly. This sweet girl is at Petco Naples and is ready to fall in love with you. Her adoption contribution is $100


Adult Neutered male  

Hawk is an adult neutered male. Words can't express this guy! Just look at this photo! Come meet him at Petco Naples! 
His adoption contribution is $85


adult spayed female 

Flora is an adult spayed female DSH. Don't let her color fool you. This girl is filled with love to bloom! Her adoption contribution is $85


young spayed female 

Adopted 7/13/17! Dalai is a young spayed female Tortie. Look at her gorgeous coloring! This beautiful girl is happily waiting for forever love. Her adoption contribution is $100

Sir SHardow

adult neutered male ​

Sir Shadow is a neutered adult male. This guy is learning to love and trust again. He is a sweet man who wants a chance at forever love. His adoption contribution is $85


Young neutered male tabby 

Texas is a young neutered male Tabby. He is a sweet little man with lots of love to share. His adoption contribution is $100


adult spayed female 

Target is an adult spayed female. Look at this girl! She wants to be your target for adoption! Her adoption contribution is $85

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Petco Naples 11-3


Volunteers and Foster homes always needed!  Join us and be a part of the solution to pet overpopulation.



PO BOX 990255

Naples, FL 34116


Hey ARnold

Young neutered male

Hey Arnold is a young neutered male DSH. Can't you just see him saying "hey!". He wants a family to call his own and settle in with! His adoption contribution is $100


young Neutered male 

Kansas is a young neutered male DSH. This little guy is so handsome! He can't wait to find his forever home. Just check out those gorgeous eyes!  His adoption contribution is $100


Young spayed feMale 

California is a young spayed female Dilute Calico. She is a gorgeous girl with so much love to share! She is looking for a forever family to cuddle with! Her adoption contribution is $100


young spayed female 

Estrella is a young spayed female DSH. She is a cuddly girl looking for  forever home to call her own! Her adoption contribution is $100

Brave Balou

young neutered male

Brave Balou is a young neutered male DSH. He is a spunky guy who loves to play! His adoption contribution is $100


young neutered male 

Geppetto is a young neutered male Tuxedo. He is a handsome guy with a love for life! He is playfully waiting to meet his forever family! You can meet him at Pet Supermarket Cape Coral. His adoption contribution is $100


young spayed female 

Florida is a young spayed female DSH. She has a gorgeous orange coat to go with her lovable personality.  Her adoption contribution is $100

Serenading Sam

Neutered male DSH 

Serenading Sam is a neutered adult male DSH. He has the most adorable expressions.  His adoption contribution is $85

Aura Aurora

young spayed female 

Aura Aurora is a young spayed female DSH. She is a gorgeous girl with Tabby markings. Her coat is beautiful and she is full of love to share.  Her adoption contribution is $100